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MOUNT ROYAL CEMETERY and Funeral Complex

Where your history lives on

man holding flowers during funeral

Honoring their Memory

We provide comprehensive funeral and commemorative services that respect your preferences.

woman with her son at the grave

When a Loved One Passes

Allow us to help you navigate the ins and outs that can seem overwhelming when losing a loved one.

view of leaves and flowers

An Arboretum for Eternity

Our well-maintained cemetery, lined with beautiful flora and home of many songbirds offers panoramic views in a place of complete peace.

A Life, A Story, A Memory

A Well-Maintained Resting Place with Modern Facilities

What makes Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex unique is the commitment made by  its founders to offer burial rights in perpetuity. No plot or lot shall ever be reused, resold or abandoned by other interment rights holders. Situated between two of the three summits of Mount Royal, its 67 hectares are lush with greenery, songbirds and flowers, providing a peaceful resting place where you can visit your loved ones. You are invited to visit our modern complex, where our counselors will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about planning cemetery or funeral arrangements.


Personalized Funeral and Commemorative Services

The Staff at the Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex is there for you, to lend a compassionate ear and to provide professional advice that will help you honour the life of the deceased in a personalized manner. The loss of a loved one brings with it many emotions that can make the process of arranging a funeral difficult to cope with. Our team of counselors will assist you in planning funeral and memorial events that are meaningful to you and your family.

Serving the Community since 1852

The Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex is part of an organization administered by a board of 21 trustees that are both volunteers and lot owners who have dedicated themselves to maintaining the tradition and tranquility of the Cemetery and the Complex. All profits are used entirely for the embellishment and improvement of the property, which allows us to provide families with modern facilities and compassionate services that will bring you peace of mind. The Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex hosted the first crematorium in Canada, and continues to provide all the information you require. Whether you are pre-planning, or arranging for a funeral at the time of death, or are working with an aftercare counsellor, our staff is at your service.

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