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At Your Service since 1852

The Mount Royal Cemetery’s unique topography and beautiful panoramic views, make it a uniquely tranquil and serene place, despite being located in the heart of the city. Our services are available to all faiths and denominations, and its rich history is reflected in the old lots and graves that we have throughout the property. Since 1852, we have provided burial services to more than 200,000 individuals. Still, with 165 acres of land on the mountain, our cemetery continues to have the space to serve the residents of Montreal well into the future. As a funeral service provider dedicated to serving the community, we have been offering a full range of funeral and commemorative services to families since 1990. Known for our convenient historic location and allocated areas for veterans, sailors, and other organizations, we also have modern facilities, designed to help you have meaningful, personalized services.


Contact our team of counsellors to obtain more information regarding our funeral services  or come to tour the grounds by booking an appointment.

Our Core Values

Being a non-profit organization, we are here to serve you in times of need. Our team is experienced in helping you arrange dignified and affordable funeral arrangements during a very difficult time. It is our mission to facilitate meaningful ways for families to grieve the loss of their loved ones and to celebrate their fond memories. We will listen with empathy, to understand your needs, and work diligently to deliver the services you require. Here are the three foundational pillars of our Company:


  • Tradition - Mount Royal Cemetery is a place where old meets new. Since the establishment of The Mount Royal Cemetery Company in 1847, we have endeavored to preserve our rich heritage and tradition. We adhere to the years-old practices of honesty and integrity, while also making it a point to customize our services to meet the individual needs of families whether it be a simple cremation or a full traditional funeral.


  • Trust - We are proud to have been a trusted funeral Company for many decades, serving the community by organizing funeral ceremonies that not only bring people together to celebrate the life of the deceased but also provide a healing respite to grieving hearts. We know that people rely on us for assistance and are committed to ensuring that we continue to earn that trust. 


  • Tribute - Our Cemetery is the resting place of many historical figures, such as Sir John Abbott, Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt, Sir Arthur William Currie and Anna Leonowens. Their lives were inextricably connected to Montreal's life and events, and we honoured them by ensuring a memorable farewell service. We help every family that comes to us give a proper & meaningful tribute to their loved one.

Montrealer by Heart and Tradition

Mount Royal Cemetery is a location where peace, history and tradition meet. Bordered on the south-east flank by Mount Royal Park and on the west by Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, it stands symbolically as a united front erected in the honour of brave soldiers. The two cemeteries are connected by one open passage in the fence to emphasize the camaraderie and uniformity of sacrifice of Protestant and Catholic soldiers during the Great War. Families of all faiths and races come to commemorate their loved ones at Mount Royal Complex, where nature abounds with songbirds, unique tree species, flowers and shrubs.


If you would like to find out more about our history and unique location, you may request a free brochure by calling us directly or come to our main desk in the Complex.

Request an Information Package

Our team will be happy to send you a free information kit that will reach you in 5 working days, without any obligation on your part.

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