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Canada's first cremation took place at Mount Royal Cemetery, where its crematorium was opened in 1901 after a generous donation from Sir William Macdonald, a fervent supporter of cremation. The original building contained a room for cremation chambers, a large winter storage vault, a conservatory filled with exotic plants as well as a chapel, which still stands today. The Early English style of architecture of the gates as well as the blend between old and new of the Complex’s building are testimonies to centuries of Canadian history. We invite you to take a tour of our grounds to rediscover a piece of our history as well as to enjoy the magnificent thrills of songbirds.

About Our Arboretum

The Board of Trustees and Management of The Mount Royal Cemetery Company are dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of their property which covers 165 acres. Each year many deciduous and coniferous trees, along with many ornamental and flowering shrubs, are planted in a continuous program of forestation.


A stroll through Mount Royal Cemetery brings to view many excellent specimens of trees and shrubs. This site has been developed and enhanced since 1852 and we hope that we can help you have an educational experience with nature and that you will enjoy the abundant beauty and tranquility it has to offer.


These facts and much more can be learned from our brochure, titled "Index of the Tree Species in Mount Royal Cemetery". Please inquire at our main office to receive your free copy.

Birds of Mount Royal Cemetery

Mount Royal Cemetery is a haven for birds drawn here by the tranquility and by the many fruit trees; more than 145 different bird species have been counted to date.


A wide variety of warblers and other songbirds can be seen in the spring and summer.  Winter finches and woodpeckers abound during the colder months.  Nesting species include screech owl, American kestrel, blue jay, robin, chickadee, gray catbird, brown thrasher, northern mockingbird and eastern peewee.


From the hilltop section Mountain View, there is a panoramic view.  It is a great place to see the spectacular flight of hawks or the short visit of herons.  Tree swallows and bluebirds also nest there in boxes erected by Cemetery personnel.


These facts and much more can be learned from our brochure, titled "Index of 130 bird species in Mount Royal Cemetery."  Please inquire at our main office to get your free copy.

Mission Statement

In recognition that life and death are inextricably linked, it is our mission to care for the deceased with dignity and provide services to the bereaved with sensitivity and compassion.

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