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A Peaceful Resting Place Surrounded by Nature

Celebrating the rich tradition of our three cemetery locations, the Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex have been serving the Québec Community for many years, providing high quality, respectful funeral and commemoration services to families of all faiths. Located in the heart of the City of Montréal, the Mount Royal Cemetery is a unique natural location extending over 165 acres of land graced by many beautiful and rare trees, plants and flowers, and which many species of songbirds call their home.

Finding a final resting place for your loved ones that has magnificent panoramic views and graceful alleys is easy at the Mount Royal Cemetery. Contact our counsellors for more information regarding our funeral services or to make Cemetery arrangements.

Tranquility Steeped in Tradition

The Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex was the first cemetery to be located on Mount Royal at the site of old orchards and farms. Following the North American tradition of combining horticulture and interment in perpetuity, the location on the mountain was chosen due to its beautiful landscape views, abounding nature and peaceful surroundings that follow the natural curves of the mountain in a series of terraces. The cemetery is the home of many species of songbirds, from woodpeckers and winter finches in the winter months, to screech owls, American kestrels, bluejays, robins, chickadees, gray catbirds, thrashers, mockingbirds and eastern peewees to tree swallows and bluebirds. Over 145 species has thus far been spotted in this idyllic natural oasis.


Extract from the First Annual Report of The Cemetery in 1852

“The Trustees last obtained on the other side of the Mountain a tract of land admirably adapted for their purpose, possessing sufficient depth of soil, rivulets and springs to make ponds and lakes, well wooded, and with an undulating surface and beautiful for situation, - retired from the bustle and heat of the City, and yet near and convenient of access. A spot capable of being made one of the most beautiful and finest cemeteries in America. The Trustees are desirous of making it such. They therefore engaged Mr. Sidney, an eminent English Surveyor and Civil Engineer (…) to lay out the property acquired by the Company, so as to adapt it to its purposes, and to display, to the best advantage, its great natural beauties.”

Creating a Beautiful Cemetery Memorial

The permanent memorial at the site of burial will continuously pay tribute to your loved one, even after the interment has taken place. Many families find that this is the most positive part of the grieving process, being able to celebrate the life of the loved one in a way that specifically caters to you. With many forms of memorialization being offered to you at the Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex, we provide only the highest quality of memorials that come with a lifetime guarantee. When choosing us, you benefit from our care in perpetuity, which allows you to rest assured that even with the passing of time, the final resting place of your loved one will be well-maintained and never removed.

The materials used in creating a permanent memorial are granite and bronze with a mandatory foundation. As per our Cemetery rules and regulations, all the details regarding the memorials, from size to installation, is specifically indicated on the Burial Rights Certificate, issued by the Cemetery at the time of purchase. Find out more about our unique cemetery memorials by contacting us today.

Need Help With Funeral Arrangements?

Contact us today to discuss all the steps and we will be happy to assist you.

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