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Cremation Services

The Mount Royal Cemetery is known for its rich tradition and beautiful landscapes but very few know that it is also the place where Canada's first cremation took place in 1901. Built with the help of the benefactor Sir William Macdonald, Canada's first crematorium provided a place where people of all denomination and faiths could safely and respectfully cremate their loved ones. Cremation has been used by cultures and societies for thousands of years as a means of disposition. Orthodox Jews, the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, and Muslims usually opt for traditional burials. Other cultural groups, especially from India, prefer cremation. Over time, cremation has become more popular and it is now chosen by some Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus as well as other religions in various communities around the world. The Cremation Association of North America cites numerous reasons for which more and more people are opting for cremation, from the increase in life expectancy to greater religious and traditional flexibility due to homogenization of society and integration of multi-culturalism in our daily lives.

Choosing Cremation at THE Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex

Our counsellors will be able to answer all your questions regarding the cremation process and its procedure. When considering cremation as part of a funeral, there are several details which will need to be decided upon, such as:

Cremation with visitation and embalming

Cremation with visitation and perhaps the use of a rental casket

Memorial service – with the cremated remains present or not

Church services coordinated with the Clergy

Receptions with a catering service

These details as well as where, when and how the cremated remains will be disposed of, whether they will be buried in a cemetery or placed in a niche or taken away by a family member are what our team of professionals can assist you with. Discuss with one of our funeral service professionals today for more information.

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