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Talk directly to one of our consultants. Whatever your needs are, we will guide you through the process.

Remembering a Life

Located in a serene location, Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex provides you and your family with everything you need when facing the passing of a loved one. Our team of experienced counselors will be able to assist you with finesse and understanding at this difficult time while also ensuring that your specific needs and requirements are entirely met. We welcome everyone to benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities in an environment that is compassionate and accepting and respectful of your beliefs and spirituality. With two chapels and a large space for receptions and commemoration services, Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex awaits you to honor the life of those dear to you.


Contact one of our experienced counsellors to obtain more information regarding our facilities or to book an appointment to obtain information on pre-planning.


The staff of the Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex has an acute understanding of the needs of those who use our services. Over the decades, we have developed a wide range of options of funeral, cemetery and commemorative services that are meant to assist you in every aspect of the transition you are currently facing. Feel free to contact a member of our team to book an appointment for information regarding any of our services.

Funeral pre-planning

Memorial services and receptions

Burial site arrangements

Cremation services

Visitation rooms

Aftercare Counselling and guidance

and more.


Pre-planning Services

Our services extend a hand to all those who wish to ensure that their passing does not become a burden to their loved ones. Just as we plan our future in life, from retirement to taking out insurance, planning our funeral and pre-arranging the cemetery details can be an act of loving kindness to our family and loved ones, while also ensuring our own wishes are followed. Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex will help you to decide on every aspect of a funeral or cemetery arrangement, from cremation,traditional burial, church, chapel, casket, urn, flowers and more and allow you to pay it over time which will translate in saving thousands of dollars over time.


Our pre-arranged funeral services are governed and protected by the Act of the Government of Québec ruling pre-arranged funeral services and sepultures.

Benefits of choosing us:

       You can pre-plan both Cemetery and funeral arrangements at the same time. 

Peace of mind in knowing that you are working with one of the oldest, most reputable organizations in Montreal with over 160 years of experience.

The only perpetual cemetery in Montreal.

Home to the first crematorium in Canada.

A not-for-profit organization with a primary mandate to help and serve you and your family.

Offer you the ease of having all services looked after in one convenient location.

Never any price increases for you; all prices for goods and services itemized on a contract are frozen at the time of signature of the contract.

Full refund policy. No penalty for cancellation, and get exactly what you paid at all times.

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Cremation Services

Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex is known for its rich tradition and beautiful landscapes, however, very few know that it is also the place where Canada's first cremation took place in 1901. Built with the help of the donations by Sir Will MacDonald, Canada's first crematorium provided a place where people of all denomination and faiths could safely and respectfully cremate their loved ones remains. Cremation has been used by cultures and societies for thousands of years as a means of disposition, with proof dating back to the Neolithic. Orthodox Jews, the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, and Muslims are still forbidden to cremate their dead. Other cultural groups, especially in India, continue to practice cremation. Today, cremation is practiced by some Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus as well as other religions in tribal communities over the world.


The Cremation Association of North America cites numerous reasons for which more and more people are opting for cremation, from the increase in life expectancy to greater religious and traditional flexibility due to the homogenization of society and integration of multiculturalism in our daily lives.

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Choosing Cremation at Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex

Our counselors will be able to answer all your questions regarding the cremation process and its procedures. When considering cremation as part of a funeral, there are several details which will need to be decided upon, such as:

Cremation with visitation and embalming

Cremation with visitation and perhaps the use of a rental casket

Memorial service – with the cremated remains or without

Church services coordinated with clergy

Receptions following a service with catering

These details as well as where, when and how the cremated remains will be disposed of, whether they will be buried in a cemetery or placed in a niche or taken away by a family member are what our team of professionals can assist you with. Discuss with one of our funeral service professionals today for more information.


At a time of loss, it is important to be able to gather the family and friends of the deceased in a quiet and peaceful place where they can say goodbye and remember them without any disruptions. Our state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Greater Montreal allow you to visit, say a prayer or commemorate your loved one in a tranquil environment where all your needs are catered for by our professional team.

Visitor room interior view

Visitation Rooms

Specifically designed to allow for a respectful, warm and quiet viewing of the body or the urn, Our visitation rooms are beautifully decorated with floral arrangements that symbolize our fragile existence and the passage of time and life. Objects of significance and photos of the deceased can be displayed as well, allowing families to mourn in a space of reflection and calm.

Chapel interior view


Our complex offers two chapels for you and your family to remember, share, and mourn the life of your loved one in a peaceful, modern and comfortable environment, full of light. In this time of communion between family and friends, you will be able to honor the life that has ended as well as perform the funeral services of your choice, whether it be through songs, photos or religious rites.

reception room interior view

Reception Room

As part of the funeral planning, gathering in one of our reception rooms will allow you and your family to return to life by sharing grief, memories and loving support with your guests. The welcoming multi-purpose rooms at Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex are well-maintained, peaceful and dispose of a professional catering service offering a wide range of dishes, suitable to all requirements and budgets.

Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex are ready to assist you with everything related to funeral planning and services, from organizing customized commemorations to cremation services and more. Contact our team today to book an appointment to discuss your specific requirements and our wide range of options.


Make an Appointment

Talk to one of our counselors or funeral directors to obtain all the information you require about Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex.

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