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Talk directly to one of our consultants. Whatever your needs are, we will guide you through the process.

Pre-planning Services

Just as we plan our futures in life, planning our funeral and pre-arranging the cemetery details can be an act of love to our family and loved ones, while also ensuring that our own wishes are met. The Mount Royal Cemetery and Funeral Complex will help you to decide on every aspect of a funeral or cemetery arrangements, from cremation & traditional burial to church, chapel, casket, urn, flowers and more. The payments are made in advance of need, which will then translate in saving thousands of dollars in the long term.


Our pre-arranged funeral services are governed and protected by the Act of the Government of Québec ruling pre-arranged funeral services and sepultures.

Benefits of choosing us:

       You can pre-plan both Cemetery and funeral arrangements at the same time. 

Peace of mind in knowing that you are working with one of the oldest, most reputable organizations in Montreal with over 160 years of experience.

The only perpetual cemetery in Montreal.

Home to the first crematorium in Canada.

A not-for-profit organization with a primary mandate to help and serve you and your family.

Offer you the ease of having all services looked after in one convenient location.

Never any price increases for you; all prices for goods and services itemized on a contract are frozen at the time of signature of the contract.

Full refund policy. No penalty for cancellation, and get exactly what you paid at all times.

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